Back on track — about us

Things got back on track, and after talking with the lawyer on the phone, the new plan is we fly in when your birth mom goes into labor.

I just started typing my feelings to you, when we learned that we might not see you, but now that it looks like we will see you. I thought I’d share more about us — your future mom and dad.

We’re happily married. We are both in our mid-forties and have long professional careers and advanced degrees. We both feel the Lord working in our lives and our relationship. It was through our shared faith as followers of Jesus that we first met. We both long ago gave up on the idea of having children. But now the happiness we have together can be shared with a child. We love our life together, and thank the Lord for bringing us together. And we thank the Lord for the possible opportunity to share our lives and our love with a child.

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