Making a Video

You love watching videos where kids explain toys, and we’ve talked about it several times, so today we decided to make a video.

We were playing with musical instruments at church, and you thought this would be a good time for you to explain the instruments.

You insisted we use daddy’s tripod for the video shoot. You set it up by yourself. Then you helped me carefully mount the camera on the tripod.

And then you started talking about doing both jobs, hosting the video and recording it.

We both turned the camera on and off, so we managed to record our conversations between videos, as well as versions of the videos.

This is me watching you adjust the tripod, with the camera attached. This isn’t the ideal way to adjust a tripod.

This is your first video.

I’m giving you a few hints with your words.

“That’s not how I sound,” you said, very concerned. You watched the playback immediately.

“This is how you sound.”

“No it isn’t,” you said, patting your chest. “I sound like this.”

“Do I sound the same on the video as I sound right now?”


“So do you,” I said. “We sound different when we hear ourselves in our heads. But that’s what we sound like on video.”

I’m not sure you were satisfied with the answer, but here’s your next attempt at a video.

After each version, you made little changes and directions.

And then you wanted me in the video with you.

Finally, with me as the guest, you managed to produce the video you had in mind.



June 1, 2020 – Pierced ears


One of your little friends pierced your ears by shoving her ear posts into your ear lobes.

This happened at the home of a family I’ve never met. You told me that they always have the television on. Maybe which ever parent was home didn’t hear what was going on.


You started talking with Pastor Ryan today, and I was blown away by your confidence and poise. I realize I need to tell you more often how proud I am of you.



Practicing tying daddy’s shoes.

May 16, 2020

You helped me clean up the car.

I’ve delayed doing it for months, because I wanted us to clean it out together.

I also brought a 25 year-old picture of David Letterman.IMG_4157

“Put your hand up like that, again,” you said. Then you took this photo.IMG_4159


May 4, 2020

You showed me your bike riding. You’re getting to be really good, and I continue to boost your confidence by not giving voice to the terror I feel every time you bike past the curb, nearly hitting it.IMG_4008

Then we played basketball, with a basketball you found.IMG_4013

Then you did this.


Then you went on a nature hike with binoculars I brought.

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Then we played on the playground. And you posed for a photo.IMG_4045

I love the person you are. I love you just because you’re you.