Level Four

You advanced to the next level at swim class tonight. From three to four.

Coach Liz warned us that you may be in level four for more than a year as you learn to focus and mature.

We’re glad to get you away from the little boy you play with during class.

That is, when you aren’t diving under the water on your own.

You’re a great swimmer…



But you get distracted easily and when it’s not your turn. You stand on the ledge and dive under the water. You can easily spend half your time under water. Or not paying attention.

You’re so good at swimming because Mommy and Daddy work with you in the pool.


​Even Oshie works with you in the pool.


You also practice in the bathtub.


Daddy sympathizes deeply when you’re distracted, I, too can get distracted.

So now you move up a level and you’ll start learning more about swimming. One day, you’ll be a better swimmer than Daddy, or maybe even Mommy.

Until that day, you have to keep wearing your swimmies.

Fixing your toy. “Blue.”

“It not working.”

“Let me see. Do you need me to fix it?”

It was in fact not working and had fallen silent. 

It spent some time outside, and you’re rough with the moving parts (which don’t move anymore), so I’m surprised it makes any sounds at all.

“Fix it daddy. I help,” you said as you ran into the kitchen.

You came running back with the last two batteries in a pack. 

“Hold on, we need a screwdriver.”

“Ok,” you said, running back to the kitchen. 

“Let Daddy get it,” I said, following you in.

Your little hands were pawing through the tool drawer, where you got the batteries.

“Look,” I said, holding up a screwdriver.

“Hmmm?” That’s what you say sometimes when I know you’re listening. “Hmmm?”

“This is a blade head and this is a Phillips head.”
I held one up. “Which one is this?”



We went on to change the batteries, “I’m helping Daddy,” you yelled joyfully. The toy made music again.

The experience will long be remembered as the time you identified a green and black handled Phillips head screw driver as, “blue.”